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pumpkin soup

Soup and sickness

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Why on earth is soup the go-to when it comes to being sick? Why does it feel as though it heals the soul? Because it does! There are a few reasons that play into each other well. The first is psychological. Chances are good that as a youngster, when you got sick your mom, grandma, ….  Read More

vegetable soup

Soup, glorious soup

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When I eat, I want true satisfaction. I don’t want to leave the table uncomfortably stuffed, but I definitely want to feel fed. I consider it a good thing that I have the appetite of a real, active woman (life’s better when you love to eat). But I also want to continue to fit into ….  Read More

Chicken Khao Soi

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AKA – Thai coconut curry noodle soup. With the craziness going on around us, we all need a little escape. Allow me to bring you the cooking equivalent of the best escapist TV––this Chicken Khao Soi recipe. Straight from the streets of Chiang Mai, Thailand!  Plus, with restaurants closing amidst local efforts to enforce social ….  Read More